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Why Check Permits?










Does the home you are looking at to purchase have repairs and/or issues that require permitting?

When I am hired to perform a home inspection I am looking at the potential issues with repairs, remodels, upgrades and additions. If I see things that should have been permitted or will need permits, I will advise my client to check to make sure that the particular work in question was permitted.

Does it really matter to me if the work/repairs were permitted?

Let’s say you finally found that perfect dream home you have been looking for. It has all the right upgrades, additions and finishes that you have been wanting in your home. So you make the big purchase. A few years down the road you decide that your growing family needs a bigger home or maybe as you reach retirement you decide that you want to down grade. You have a potential buyer that now hires a home inspector. The home inspector sees all these upgrades and additions and now he advises his client (buyer) to make sure all work was permitted. Now the burden becomes yours to make sure all the work gets all the proper permits and follows all codes; which may or may not require partial removal or even complete removal of somethings to get permitted.

Look permits are a necessary evil, yeah they require time to get, yeah they require extra money, yeah yeah yeah we can come up with a multitude of excuses, but the bottom line is permits are in place to protect us the public. So not only are they required but they are needed.

Here’s how you can check to see if a permit was issued or not.

Mecklenburg County MECKLENBURG PERMIT 










When are building permits required? Do you know the answers and what to look for?

Permits are required if the structure costs more than five thousand dollars ($5000.00), and/or the structure is larger than one-hundred and forty four (144) square feet, and/or the structure is self-supporting (i.e. deck), and/or any one side of the structure is longer than twelve (12) feet in length then a building permit is required unless the work involves:

1. The addition, repair, or replacement of load bearing members or structures;

2. The installation, extension, alteration or general repair of any heating or cooling system;

3. The installation, extension or general repair of any plumbing system;

4. The installation, extension, alteration of an electrical wire system;

5. The addition of roofing, excluding replacement of light grade of fire resistant roofing;

6. The use of materials not permitted by the code.

Nobody can commit this or proceed with the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, movement to another site, removal or demolition of any building without first securing the inspection department with jurisdiction over the side of the work any and all permits required by the state building code.

In addition to a basic building permit, there are several other permits that you may be required to have before construction can begin. These include:

  • Electrical permits for electrical work
  • Plumbing permits for plumbing work
  • Grading permits for surfacing and paving work
  • Mechanical permits for installation of heating and air conditioning units
  • Demolition permits


Some places such as Orange County, North Carolina also have specialized permits for the use of recycled materials and generators. Certain projects such as swimming pools and moving a manufactured home onto a property also require their own special permits. What permits you need will depend on the nature and complexity of your proposed project.

If you are planning on undertaking a project that involves any kind of construction, electrical work, or demolition in North Carolina, chances are you will need a building permit. Building permits are issued by the county or city government and therefore the requirements for a permit depend on your project’s location.

Bottom line, when in doubt make sure to check your Local County and/or city code enforcement.




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